Tuesday September 23, 2014
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Well hello there Student friend.

For many years students have been a key part of who we are as a Church, we have had the privilege of knowing and journeying with Students at Salford University, University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, The Royal Northern College of Music, Nazarene Theological College, Manchester Business School and loads more - and we wouldn’t want it any other way!


We’re a big family of people; and the long and the short of it is that we’re all about Jesus. At our core is the mission to know that we are loved by God, to love him back and to love those around us. Whether you’re in your first year of uni, or you’re ready to leave forever, you are loved so much by God that he wants to use you to channel his love into your halls, your house, your course mates; your campus!

We’re so super excited about this coming year for students who are a part of King’s Church across Manchester and Salford. We’ve got many plans afoot including lots of opportunities to meet up and connect with other, a weekend away to somewhere beautiful; times to meet with God in a fresh way and a chance to get practical about mission and sharing Jesus with our campuses and friends. We are really passionate about community and family and there’s lots of people with comfy sofas and cups of tea that you can hook up with.

It’s gonna be a blast and we can’t wait to meet you and hook up with more students across Manchester and Salford. So, are you up for an adventure with us?


If it's as epic as the name, then it's definitely worth going...more


A nice video to explain what it's all about!...more


Rachel gives us some super helpful hints for new students ...more

We have some great things planned for you, here are some of the things coming up this term.


Student Connect Nights
Every Thursday at 7:30pm at King's House


We meet weekly on a Tuesday at 7:30.
Contact Pete + Mim for details.


3rd February + 3rd March
5th May + 2nd June

What is Campus Awakening? 

For more dates or information pick up a flyer from us or head on over to Facebook.