Saturday February 6, 2016



"Wouldn’t it be strange if you looked in the mirror and forgot what you look like?"

James writing in the New testament tells us that when we read the Bible, it’s as though we are actually looking into a mirror. It’s as though we are seeing ourselves correctly. That’s amazing, because who do we see when we look into the Bible? Jesus! As we see Him - we see ourselves. Jesus has done all the work. Dying on the cross, Jesus made it absolutely clear that there’s nothing wrong with you.  The Bible says we were buried with Him and we were raised to new life with Him.  He has made us complete with Him.  There is nothing lacking in us.

"Jesus has done all the work."

We are growing, not in our completeness, but in the knowledge of our completeness. He is our righteousness. As he is, so are we in this world.
Have a look in the mirror and don’t settle for a lifestyle that is less than who you are. See how wonderful you are - you’re just like Jesus.


Below is a series of preaches brought to the church by Dave that unpacks this concept further.
Let's open our hearts and recieve the truth from God about who we really are.