Monday February 8, 2016

As we have been exploring together what it means to be ‚ loved lovers loving others‚
I have been struck by the concept that "Love changes everything".

Love changes who I am. It changes how I see myself. Instead of being insecure and self doubting I can be confident to be who God has made me to be. I don't have to live with the pressure to be someone else but I can be free to be myself. Knowing and understanding I am loved by God changes how I relate to God. Rather than feeling unworthy or not good enough, I can relate to Him as a loved and valued child! I can enter into His presence knowing I am welcomed, accepted, valued, and cherished.

Love changes how I treat those around me.

My hard, unforgiving heart is changed into a compassionate, merciful heart full of God’s love for the world. Love draws me closer to others. Love tethers me to the people around me and enables me to share with them the love I have experienced. Love becomes who I am and how I relate.

I am a loved lover loving others.

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