Sunday April 20, 2014

So who is Jesus?

You've come to the right place,
why not check out the videos below and start your journey of meeting Jesus today.


Who you think Jesus is could potentially be the most important thing about you.
Have a watch of the video above to see what we say about him, and then check out the videos below for the full story.

 Part 2 - The Full Story
Click above to watch Part 2: So what's the full story?
Why is Jesus such a big deal?

  Part 3 - Following Jesus
Click above to watch Part 3: So what if I believe in Him?
what steps do I need to take next? 

real life?

Why not take a look at these stories of people's own journeys and experiences of Jesus.


From unhappy and insecure to purpose filled and confident.


From addiction and crime to freedom and  family.

Babz talks about his battle with cancer & what he discovered as a result.

Anthony shares his journey from prison cell to freedom and peace.


From many Gods to one true God.


An amazing journey from apathy to purpose.


When Jane lost her Dad, she learned to rely on God.


Transformed by joy and a real God.


From anxious wreck to love and security.

What about you?

It's not all about what we think, it's important that you meet Jesus for yourself.

We would love to be a part of your journey with Him and the Church family is here to help you.
Why not get in contact with us today to chat to someone or find out more. 

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