Preaching from across our communities

Here is the archive of talks from our various meetings as a Church across our 6 communities. You can watch video of our Central community meetings and listen to audio from all others.

If you would like to listen to preaches from a specific location, about a certain topic or by a certain person then you can use the drop down menus. Alternatively, if you would like to search for a specific message, then you can use the search bar at the top or bottom of the site.


Richard takes us through why generosity is a value for King’s Church and what it means to reflect God’s nature in our finances and in how we steward our life.

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We are Royals

Dave helps us to be secure in our identity as sons and daughters of the King. We are royals!

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Made To Worship

Lukundo helps us to expand our view of worship from just moments to our whole lifestyle.

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Inheritance – Love It Or Despise It?

Judith challenges us to respond rightly and to steward our inheritance as sons and daughters of God.

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Heirs Of God And Coheirs With Christ

Dave encourages us with a reminder of our adoption into the royal family of God through Jesus.

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The Empowering Holy Spirit

Rhian helps us to plug into the power of the Holy Spirit and to understand who he is.

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Holy Spirit – Transformational and Empowering

Lukundo helps us to know who Holy Spirit is and to allow him to transform and empower us in our every day life.

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Love that makes me whole

Richard unpacks the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15 and takes a look at how to receive the unconditional love of God.

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Romans 8 Confidence

Dave encourages us to live confident in the Holy Spirit living and acting through us each day.

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Expect Favour

Daniel declares the favour of God and invites us to springboard into 2018.

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