Saturday February 13, 2016



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God does not give us leaders to control us or manipulate us but rather to help us to stay together as a community as we pursue his plan and purpose for our lives.

Leaders can help us to stay focussed on our vision and inspire us and equip us to do the things God wants to do through us. That’s why we encourage everyone who sees themselves as part of King’s Church to connect with our pastoral leadership structure. The end goal is connection with each other: we long to see a whole web of interwoven connections and relationships across the church. we also recognise that we can all do with someone looking out for us at times, someone to encourage us and cheer us on as well as to notice when we’re finding things hard.

If you choose to sign up we’ll match you with a Connect Leader who will seek to get to know you as well as help you to get to know others. As part of this your Connect Leader will regularly invite you to meet up with others.

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