26th April Teaching

This week I have tried to add in some extra changes for some of the older kids to dig in deeper to God’s word! We are looking at John 14, just like the adults. Our main themes are obeying God and the Holy Spirit as our helper. As usual the aim is that you watch the video […]

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Kid’s Church For Sunday 22nd March

If you can’t come to church, church will come to you. The aim is that you watch the video along with your kids and it will guide you through a family friendly time filled with fun and Jesus, all the links are in the description of the video. Or if you prefer you can read […]

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EU Referendum

EU Referendum 23rd June 2016 The last European referendum in the UK was in 1975 when most of us were either not even born or if alive, not old enough to vote!  The forthcoming EU referendum on June 23rd is potentially a once in a generation opportunity to have our say on how we relate [...] Continue Reading

Jack’s Story

From unhappy and insecure to confident and filled with purpose. Jack shares what Jesus has done in his life. When I was a young teenager, I didn't feel accepted for who I was. The most important thing was what people thought about me; the clothes I wore, the way I looked. I'd often put people [...] Watch Video

Jane’s Story

When Jane lost her Dad, she learned to rely on God. “it’s not fair - everybody else has got a dad" When I was four years old, my dad died of cancer.  Leaving my mum to raise me and my two sisters on her own. My kind of, first memory of that time in my [...] Watch Video