Coronavirus – Updates

We are praying for all those around the world affected by the current coronavirus pandemic. In terms of our own response as a local church, we are seeking to be guided by three key principles:

· Taking sensible precautions

· Being responsible citizens

· Loving our neighbour

We are closely monitoring the situation and seeking to follow all government advice.

Your Role


If you have COVID-19 symptoms (a new continuous cough, a high temperature or a change in your normal sense of taste or smell), you should self-isolate for 7 days.  If you live with others then the rest of your household should isolate for 14 days as long as they remain well. If they develop symptoms, they should isolate for 7 days from when the symptoms appear, regardless of the initial 14 day period.  You can find more details at:

If you think you may have the virus, use the NHS 111 questionnaire online ( follow the advice given. 

Please join us online or in person at 10.30am each Sunday so that we can stay together as a community in all that God is saying to us at this time (   

We would also encourage you to join one of our online Zoom Groups.  These will allow us to see and interact with each other as we encourage and care for one another.  Lets’ all make the effort to stay connected. 

We want to encourage all those who give financially to the church to continue doing so.  Your continued giving will allow us to provide ministry, encouragement and support for the vulnerable at this challenging time (  

Our Role

We have temporarily suspended all physical gatherings across all of our King’s Church communities.  This applies to meetings in homes as well as those in our church-owned or rented premises.  We have not taken this decision out of fear but in order to support the government’s attempts to slow the spread of the virus and therefore protect the most vulnerable.   

We will be livestreaming encouraging and faith-building content every Sunday at 10.30am (   

We will be training Zoom Group leaders (mostly our existing Connect leaders) in the use of the Zoom video conferencing system.  Anyone who has a computer or smartphone with internet access will be able to use Zoom to continue to ‘meet’ with others in the church for fellowship and discipleship. 

We will be looking out for those who are unable to access Zoom and make sure that we provide care and support for those people too. 

Our children’s and youth ministry leaders are developing ways of supporting our parents and young people.  We have already launched a King’s Church Parents group on Facebook and we will be providing online content for both children and youth. 

Our priority as a church leadership, as well as providing pastoral care, will be on keeping us focussed on discipleship and mission at this time.  

Loving our Neighbour

· This crisis will create opportunities to love, care for and offer prayer and hope to those who are ill or anxious.

· Let’s look for opportunities to love our neighbours. We’ve heard some great stories of Christians offering practical support to those in their community by offering to get shopping for those who are self-isolating or simply to talk on the phone with those who are fearful or lonely.

Remember, we are here to encourage, support and care for one another as a church. Let’s pull together and let’s be a beacon of love and hope at this challenging time.