At HOME with Kanyin and Malachi

How did you first come to King’s? 

We came to King’s at different times then met here a couple of years ago.

Kanyin: When I first moved to Manchester and started at Manchester University, I lived in the student halls on Sackville street and decided to try the different churches in the area. The first church I went to was King’s church with a few friends. Even after trying different churches, sometimes missing services because of fresher’s events or plans with friends. There was something about King’s that always felt like home. In fact one Sunday after returning from a few missed services, I clearly heard God say to me once, “Welcome Home.”


Malachi: I first came to King’s for a conference with my work at the time on mental health. At the same time, I had a patient that was diagnosed with schizophrenia. As part of his recovery, he decided to go to a church. On arrival at King’s church, he found a freedom from the negative voices in his head and a peace that He had never experienced before. That was enough to show me that there was a God. I heard God’s voice for the first time after that, got baptised and my relationship with Him started from there.

What made you choose home? 

We just felt at home here and felt it was a great place to serve and reach out to the young people in Manchester.

What has God done in the past year?

He has revealed to us the significance of looking to Him and trusting His plans for us even when we can’t see the full picture. This brings a new level of strength and hope for each day no matter what season. He has also revealed the value of walking in relationship with Him and how it is out of that place that growth comes.
Friendship with Jesus = Obedience = Clean hands and a Pure Heart = Righteousness = Seeing God = Seeing his will = doing his will

What are you excited for God to do this year?

We are really excited to see more people encounter the truth, love and power of Jesus! A community of people rooted in the love and knowledge of God!

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