At HOME with Josh Augustine

This month we spoke to Josh who is part of the Worship team. He is a student from Malaysia studying Mechanical Engineering and plays the keys and guitar at the HOME site.


How did you first come to King’s?

When I first came to Manchester two years ago, I literally googled about churches nearby and started trying out different churches in the city. One day, I ended up in the evening service somehow and have been attending since.

What made you choose home?

The first thing I noticed was the chilled atmosphere and how comfortable people were in God’s presence. As I attended regularly, it was inspiring to see and get to know people who passionately worship, serve and lead in church.

What has God done in the past year?

He has shown me the importance of spending time in his presence daily and growing together in a community of faith. On a side note, he has helped me do well in my degree so far and provided everything that was needed for my knee surgery back in March, and I’m glad to say that I have been recovering well. God has been faithful to me!

What are you excited for God to do this year?

I’m expecting God to take us as a church to a greater level in worship and in relationship with him and each other.

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