Who is Jesus?

What you think about Jesus is potentially the most important thing about you.

We believe that knowing Jesus is the key to life.

Jesus is God who became man to bridge the gap between him and us. Why not keep finding out more about who Jesus is, and how you can know him and be a part of what he is doing today?

Have a watch of the video below to hear the full story of what we believe Jesus was and who he is. We love to talk about him and everything he has done, so why not check out some stories too?

It starts with a story.

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Life is all about connections. Just take a look around, Friends, families, Facebook.

People were created for connection. Connection to God, THE creator and the source of all life.  His design was that we’d be his partners, running the world alongside him, living from his resource and being a part of his love and power.

But humanity chose to break off connection with God, we wanted our independence.

We were rebels and severed ourselves from him. Now we’re living lives lacking the meaning and purpose they were always meant to have, broken and leading to death. We’re missing our core need – connection with our father.

Once it’s done, once that connection is lost there’s nothing we can do to right this wrong.

The price is too high for you or I to pay. The only way to restore the connection was for God to reach to us and he did! Out of pure love, he chose to restore the connection, bridging the gap that we made between him and us.

God sent his Son, Jesus, to us. Jesus is the bridge.

He lived as the perfect example of a man connected to the father. He demonstrated real love and real power. The most amazing life ever lived was sacrificed as payment for our wrongs – For us having lived our lives without Him. He died, paying the price.

But Jesus didn’t stay dead.

Once the price had been paid He beat the power of death and came back to life.

So if we believe in Jesus, if we connect with him, we cross into a brand new open connection with the Father

– and we become filled with that same death-defying life that Jesus has, filled with God himself.  If we choose to give up our independent lives, we can enter into life as intended – where brokenness can be healed, where we find purpose, where we are supplied by our father.

Connection with the Father also brings us into his family. A worldwide family called the church – all connected by Jesus’ life in them, all with the purpose of restoring Earth’s connection to Heaven. We are destined to be people connected to God to reconnect the world around us, to work with our Father to heal and make everything whole.

Jesus is the key to your connection to God.

Your connection to purpose, to love and power, to true freedom and you can choose connection with Him today.

You can talk to him right now, ask him to forgive you for not living in connection with him and ask him to repair your relationship with God as Father. Choose to believe that Jesus is who he says He is, and that His death and life were for you. Tell Him that you want to change your life, let him take charge and become a part of his family, to be filled with His purpose.

This is a great place to start, but there’s so much more we’d love to tell you about. To find out what being a follower of Jesus looks like, why not get in touch or watch the next video called following Jesus.

Stories of Jesus at work

Here are some real-life stories from members of King’s Church about their experience of Jesus and how he has changed their lives.

Mark’s Story

An amazing journey from crime and drug addiction to freedom, family and purpose. It all began when I was around nineteen years of age and had already spent a number of years out on the street getting involved in crime. At the age of nineteen, I took up smoking weed. I had not smoked before [...]

Laura’s Story

Laura shares how she was  transformed by joy and a real God. "I saw life and I saw that there was an enjoyment to be had and I hadn’t experienced that before." I grew up in a Catholic family, so there was never any doubt in my mind that God was real and that Jesus [...]

Anthony’s Story

Anthony shares his journey from prison cell to freedom and peace. I started off in earlier days, never really loved myself. Never really respected myself, because that’s what people told me back then. That I wasn’t worth it, that I was a waste of space. I did believe that and I started taking alcohol and that [...]

Josh’s Story

Josh shares his journey from apathy to purpose. I read a lot on different philosophies around the world. I spent part of my life really just focussed on myself. God wasn’t in it at all. It was mainly evolved around alcohol and just silly wasting my time, not really caring about anything. I just really started [...]

Babz’ Story

Babz talks about his battle with cancer & what he discovered as a result. In 2009 December 23rd I was diagnosed with a Cancer. Ironically that’s my birthday, it was like ‘What?!'... ...'That kind of thing don’t happen to me, it happens to other people not me’ and it was a shock; I just thought [...]

So what next?

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So you believe that Jesus is real, that he’s the Son of God, that he is God, That he died on a cross and then rose to life again to restore your relationship with God as Father.  You’ve decided to live life differently – To put your life in his hands.  You’ve decided to follow Jesus. That’s incredible and there’s so much adventure and purpose ahead of you.

I want to tell you about getting baptised. 


It’s the way God gives us in the Bible for acting on this decision to follow Jesus.  It’s about owning Jesus’ death on the cross and dying to your old way of living. It represents a washing clean and a fresh start. Your old life gets buried.  And It’s about owning Jesus’ resurrection and starting a new life in him.  Every new Christian needs to start by being baptised.

God your Father has an awesome plan for your life and wants to partner with you to do amazing things. 

He wants to put his awesome love and power and all that’s good about him on display through you.  So he promises to fill you with himself.  He pours himself out on you and in you in the person of the Holy Spirit.  We sometimes refer to this as being baptised in the Holy Spirit.  Jesus promises this for every single Christian so he wants to do it for you too.  Why not ask him to fill you with his Spirit now?

Following Jesus is about living in relationship with him every day. 

We pray, and learn more about Him by reading the Bible and listening to God as we allow him to transform our lives each day.  He promises to make us more than we ever imagined we could be.

One of the great things about becoming a child of God is that you’re not an only child – you’ve got an instant family of millions of brothers and sisters!  The way we live together as God’s family is a really important part of sharing in his love and putting it on display  – so being part of the church is essential.  We help each other and encourage one another.  We worship Jesus together and learn together.  We enjoy life together.

We’d love to help you with these next steps of being baptised, being filled with the Holy Spirit and becoming an active part of God’s family, the church.  We would love to share and be a part of your story. Why not get in touch.

Taking the next step

If you would like to find out more about Jesus or invite him into your life, we would absolutely love to hear from you.

You can get in touch with the church office using our contact page, or come along to one of our community gatherings and chat to a leader. We would love to talk to you and pray with you.

If you are interested but still have questions or would like to know more. Why not try an Alpha Course? For dates and more info, check out the Alpha page.