Technology Love or Hate it!?

It seems that many people have strong opinions about whether or not our kids should be using technology. What ever your answer to this questions, most kids seem to gravitate towards screens of all kinds! So if we are going to embrace it’s use, here are two suggestions of faith based apps you can use with your kids.

The first is the Bible App for kids. It’s like an interactive Bible, you can press parts of the story and they move. It’s aimed at any child above the age of 3 and you can get it either from the Apple or the Google App store and its Free!


The second app is called Guardians of Ancora, it is a virtual world app where Bible stories come alive. Meaning that as your character explores the different places you learn about different Bible stories. It’s aimed at kids ages 7 – 11 and it was created by scripture union. Again you can get it from both the Apple and Google App stores and it’s free!

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