Loving & serving

We want to make Jesus famous by loving and serving, just like he did. As well as building a real sense of family together, we know we’re called to love and serve our neighbours in our own local communities and workplaces. We want to empower every one of our members to make a difference where they are. There are also some things we do together… check out below

Offering a house, friendship and support.

Not giving up on those who may have lost hope and who are homeless.

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Offering a meal to those who are currently going with free school meals in South Manchester.

Serving youth and families who need are in need of food during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Providing a meal, clothing and a pampering.

For men and women who are homeless, whether on the streets or in hostel accommodation.

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Kids and Cake Toddler Group

A fun-packed toddler group meeting in Manchester City Centre.

Serving mums, dads and carers who need a place to have some tea and cake with a safe play area for toddlers.

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Our Weekend theological training programme

Rooted is a King’s Church theological training programme which seeks to grow individuals by providing time and space for learning and for going deeper in their faith.

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Where can you help?

Find out what areas you can help serve in

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