Preaching from across our communities

Here is the archive of talks from our various meetings as a Church across our 6 communities. You can watch video of the featured preach from one of our communities each week and listen to audio from all others.

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To Love Him is To Love His Word

Lukundo helps us to fall in love with Jesus as we spend time reading the Bible.

(Apologies for the reverb on the recording this week!)

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Wholehearted Obedience

Judith provokes us to be unswerving in our devotion to Jesus in our everyday life.

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What If There’s More?

Richard takes us through the story of King Josiah with an encouragement to not settle but to pursue more of what God has for us.

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Living For Your Kingdom

Tunji provokes us to choose a kingdom centred lifestyle as we cross into a new year.

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Laying Our Lives Down

Dami invites us to fulfil our purpose by laying down our lives for God.

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Let Him Lead You

Daniel shares about how God leads, as a shepherd, and how we can align ourselves with his leadership.

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The Prodigal Son’s Resolution

Josh challenges us to resolve to accept and live from the love of Father God.

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God’s Gifts

Amy challenges us to steward the gifts of God that we have been given as we look out at 2019.

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Looking Beyond Ourselves

Char helps us look out towards 2019 and provokes us to plan to live beyond our own personal wants.

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Celebrating Jesus

2 days before Christmas day, Mark brings a quick exhortation to celebrate Jesus!

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