Preaching from across our communities

Here is the archive of talks from our various meetings as a Church across all our communities. You can watch video of the featured preach from one of our communities each week and listen to audio from all others.

If you would like to listen to preaches from a specific location, about a certain topic or by a certain person then you can use the drop down menus. Alternatively, if you would like to search for a specific message, then you can use the search bar at the top or bottom of the site.

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Lukundo Fagade – Table Talk series – Discernment and Calling

In this episode of the Table Talk series, Lukundo gets us thinking about what discernment looks like and how to grapple with knowing your calling.

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Dami Fagade – Faithful In The Little

Dami stirs us in knowing that there is a beauty and adventure in the ordinary and seemingly little.

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Lukundo Fagade – Gods Dream House

Lukundo encourages us in knowing that God has made his Home in us.

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Richard and Judith Anniss – Table Talk – Leadership

In the second session of the table talk series, Richard and Judith uncover what the bible says about Leadership.

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Kevin Hardwidge – Walking and Wrestling

Kev challenged us to keep walking and wrestling with Jesus as we journey with him.

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Table Talk – Sexuality – Richard Anniss

This week Richard tackled the subject of sexuality. Helping us to discover what the bible says.

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Let’s Be The Church – Joshua Bloor

Joshua Bloor encourages us to be the church and all that God wants his people to be.

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God’s Reign In Our Midst – Richard Anniss

Richard explores what the Kingdom of God and his loving reign looks like in our context and our city.

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Learning From Jesus – Kofo Bolarin

Kofo takes us on a journey looking at how the disciples got all they could out of Jesus and his teachings.

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Passionate About Prayer – Judith Anniss

Judith stirs us up to have passion in our prayers lives, with practical tips on how to provoke more for us as a community.

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