Preaching from across our communities

Here is the archive of talks from our various meetings as a Church across all our communities. You can watch video of the featured preach from one of our communities each week and listen to audio from all others.

If you would like to listen to preaches from a specific location, about a certain topic or by a certain person then you can use the drop down menus. Alternatively, if you would like to search for a specific message, then you can use the search bar at the top or bottom of the site.

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Perseverance Through All – Adrian Nottingham

Adrian explores the story of Mary and encourages us to be more like Mary.

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Passionately Pursuing God’s Kingdom

Cath challenges to go after seeing the Kindom of Heaven fill the earth.

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Our Hope

Ruth and Graham share their story of How hope in Jesus has changed their lives.

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Prayer & Fasting

James looks into the point of fasting and encourages us to challenge ourselves to embrace it as a discipline.

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Tell the Mountain

Naomi encourages us to live in response to the size of our God not the challenges we face.

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Dry Bones to Life

Haruna encourages us with a vivid vision of the mission ahead.

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