Preaching from across our communities

Here is the archive of talks from our various meetings as a Church across all our communities. You can watch video of the featured preach from one of our communities each week and listen to audio from all others.

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Facing Challenges

Kofo brings an encouraging word to us to keep pushing on and forward even in the midst of adversity and challenge.

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Walking in Dominion

Richard reminds us who we are in Jesus, looking particularly at living in the authority that Jesus gives us.

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Keep Going!

Philippa encourages us to not lose heart but to press on, pursuing the inheritance that God has for us.

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Lovers of God – Hebrews 12

Dave unpacks our calling as a people who have been drawn near to worship God.

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Justice & Mercy

Adrian helps us to navigate the storms of life in our relationships and to navigate issues of justice and mercy.

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What Jesus Prayed For Me

Richard takes us through the prayer of Jesus in John 17. Jesus prays that the Love of God would be made known in us and through us.

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Transforming Society : Loving Others

Lukundo encourages us with a look through Matthew 13 and how we are sent to transform the world as ‘Secret Raising Agents’!

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Culture Of Generosity

Gavin inspires us to live with generosity in our everyday life, with stories and examples of legacy.

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Life Together

Josh challenges us with the reality that we were created for community with a look at how we practically do it.

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The Gospel

Billy Kennedy, Leader of the Pioneer Network, shares with us from Luke 15 about the Gospel.

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