Revolution Youth

Thanks to the generous giving of so many people, we have been able to provide around 40,000 meals to some of the worst-hit families in Wythenshawe since the start of the Covid-19 lockdown.

We have been so grateful for the kind support of so many, and this has meant that we haven’t had to turn away a single person who has asked us for help.

We are determined to keep working to support vulnerable families, and will continue to distribute food for a long time to come.

We are also now looking at other ways to support families and the community of Wythenshawe as a part of King’s Church, and the Love Wythenshawe project which we are a partner of.

Whilst we now have sufficient funds for our food programme, we’d like to invite you to support the ongoing work of Revolution Youth as we continue to love and serve the people of Wythenshawe.

Please consider making a regular donation.

Volunteering and more information

If you would like any more information about what we do, or how to get involved in volunteering with our projects, send an email to