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Rooted is a flexible theological training program which offers accessible teaching and friendly mentoring through a blend of online and in-person meetings.

On Rooted you will learn about key theological issues, important moments in Church history, as well as how we interpret the Bible.



Module One

This module will equip individuals in the art of hermeneutics (biblical interpretation). It will explore scripture in its historical environment, while looking at how theologians throughout Church history have grappled with biblical interpretation. This module will answer questions concerning how we read, apply and interpret scripture.

Module Two

This module will address important theological topics such as the Doctrine of the Trinity, Christology, Soteriology and Pneumatology. It will equip individuals in Orthodoxy and appreciation/understanding for the development of church doctrine. This module will provide a robust framework for why we believe what we believe.

Module Three

This module will enable critical reflection on the nature of the church as an apostolic instrument of mission. It will explore important biblical themes such as “Kingdom,” “Missio Dei” “Pre/Post-Millennialism” and “Ecclesiology.” Important church developments (Reformation; Evangelical Revivals, Pentecostalism) will also be explored.

Application of Learning

Online Resources

Preliminary reading will be required via a shared online drive. This will include a few articles as well as online videos to watch. (Further reading will be provided as an optional extra).

Access to The Study

Each module will require a written exercise to formulate learning. This will be a short piece, reflecting on a question. Resources will be provided via “The Study” in King’s House.

Mentorship Programme

A mentoring programme will be worked through with an assigned Pastor. This will consist of six informal meetups from September to June. More information will be provided upon starting the course.

Cost of the Course


This is the cost of the full course; which includes a new book for the course and access to the additional resources.

If you are interested in getting onto the programme click the button and fill in the application form.