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The Deadline for Rooted has now passed. For more information for starting the course in September 2021, please contact us.




Rooted is your chance to reflect, share, and learn about the deeper and more challenging aspects of our faith.

Rooted provides an online learning environment that meets just two Monday evenings a month, meaning that even the busiest of us can join.

Rooted takes places from September to June (term-time) and comes jam-packed with gifted teachers, an individual mentoring programme, and the opportunity to become Rooted in a solid theological foundation.




Module One: Biblical Theology

From September to December we will be exploring the Bible, what it is, and how we can interpret and apply this ancient yet inspired collection of writings to our lives today. We will also look at the aspects of salvation, heaven, hell and the Holy Spirit.

Module Two: Historical Theology

From January to April we will turn our attention towards those who have gone before us and the challenges and new revelations they encountered. From the Doctrine of the Trinity, to splitting the Church in two with the Reformation, we will look at how the history of the Church informs our beliefs today.

Module Three: Practical Theology

From April to June we will look at some more practical and potentially challenging aspects of our faith. What is “mission” and what even is the “Church”? How are we to approach ethical questions around sexuality and how do we understand suffering in our world today?

Expectations During the Course

We all live busy lives. But Rooted directs you towards the resources you need, as well as setting attainable goals. Here are some expectations for everyone on the course.

Preparing for Mondays

Before attending each Monday evening, a video or a piece of writing will be provided and will be required to be watched/read. For those with extra time, or the more eager, further non-mandatory resources will be provided.

Tasks for the Year

At the end of each term (December/April/June) a task will need completing. Each task is different and it will be explained upon your induction to the course.

Everyone will also be provided with a new book which will need to be read and reviewed by May 2021.

Mentor Programme

A mentoring programme will be worked through with an assigned leader. This could be someone new, or if you prefer, someone you would already know but would love to learn more from. This will consist of six informal meetups from September to June. More information will be provided upon starting the course.

Library and Study Space

While on the course you will have privilege access to the King’s Church Library. You can check books out, but also sit and study if you need to.


Rooted takes place over Zoom for just two Monday Evenings a month term time, with an extra sessions agreed upon by the whole class.

Cost of the Course


To make Rooted as affordable as possible the course costs just £60. This includes a course book, access to the additional resources, and the general running costs of the course.

This can be paid in one payment, or monthly. Our finance team will be in contact with you to set up these payments.

The Deadline for Rooted has now passed. For more information for starting the course in September 2021, please contact us.