Preaches by “Adrian Nottingham”

Perseverance Through All – Adrian Nottingham

Adrian explores the story of Mary and encourages us to be more like Mary.

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Justice & Mercy

Adrian helps us to navigate the storms of life in our relationships and to navigate issues of justice and mercy.

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We Have Hope

Adrian shares on what it means to have Jesus with us and the hope that it give us.

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What's in a greeting? - Adrian Nottingham

What’s in a greeting?

Adrian challenges us to consider how we are loving people and greeting people. How much thought are we putting into the way we treat people in everyday life?

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Wall Builders or Bridge Builders?

Adrian challenges us to take a step back and be aware of what we are building around us – bridges or walls?

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Bridging the Gap

Adrian Nottingham from Mustard Tree talks about spreading Hope to those who need it most and seeing transformation in the poorest of communities.

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