Preaches by “James Bagley”

Passionate For God In Our Work

James encourages us to not let our work be our identity but to glorify God in all that we do.

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Prayer & Fasting

James looks into the point of fasting and encourages us to challenge ourselves to embrace it as a discipline.

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James breaks down what Holiness is all about and how we live it out each day.

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James encourages us to live in the light of being heirs of God and to receive and steward our inheritance.

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Joshua - James Bagley


James takes us through the book of Joshua, looking at how his perspective affected the destiny of Israel.

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Valuing the voice of God - James Bagely

Valuing the Voice of God

James challenges us to make room in our lives for the voice of God.

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Loving God’s Community

James takes a look at the practicalities of being a part of a family, being a part of the Church and how it affects our life.

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