Preaches on “Compassion”

You Are Loved

Daniel reminds us of the extent and the cost of the love of Jesus with a challenge to live loved.

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Love Your Neighbour

Gary shares his heart for the hurting and broken and offers out a great challenge to love both God and people.

To listen to the full song that Gary plays at the end of the preach, you can find it on YouTube here:
Matthew West – Do Something

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The Centurion – Encounters with Jesus

Part 2 in our Encounters with Jesus series, Steve takes us through the story of the Centurian in Luke 7v1-10 and pulls out some things for us to apply to our lives.

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What Jesus Prayed For Me

Richard takes us through the prayer of Jesus in John 17. Jesus prays that the Love of God would be made known in us and through us.

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Lovers of God

Dave takes a look at Psalm 63 and how pursuing the presence of God is a key value for us.

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The power at work in us

Kofo shares about how the Holy Spirit fills us to transform us so that we can love and affect the lives of people around us each day.

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loving others with a pure heart

Loving Others with a Pure Heart

Lauren shares about our hearts and how everything we do is an overflow of what Jesus is doing inside us.

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Making Jesus Famous: Relationships

Dave takes us through the backstory of Philemon and helps unpack why working at our relationships with each other is key to our mission.

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Guest Speaker – Ashish Varghese

Ashish challenges us to live with true compassion and to live a missional life for Jesus where we are.

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Why Healing Matters

Richard talks about why we talk about healing all the time!

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