Preaches on “God's Love”

Loved By God

Anna helps us to understand what the love of God is and what it isn’t, and most importantly that it’s pointing at us.

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The second preach in our look through the New Testament as we continue our “Story of the Bible” Series”.

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Lovers – Loving like God

With a look at how God and his people acted throughout the Old Testament, Amy calls us into a life of Loving God in response to how he loves us.

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The power at work in us

Kofo shares about how the Holy Spirit fills us to transform us so that we can love and affect the lives of people around us each day.

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What does God think about Family?

What does God think about family?

Jo continues our “What does God think about…” series with a look at what it means to be a family.

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Making Jesus Famous: Relationships

Dave takes us through the backstory of Philemon and helps unpack why working at our relationships with each other is key to our mission.

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His Steadfast Love

Jesus is entirely faithful and dependable. Lukundo helps us to realise how we can lean and rely on the love of God.

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Abide In Me SCS

Abide In Me

Lukundo reminds us that abiding in the vine, remaining in Jesus looks like something – loving others.

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What's in a greeting? - Adrian Nottingham

What’s in a greeting?

Adrian challenges us to consider how we are loving people and greeting people. How much thought are we putting into the way we treat people in everyday life?

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