Preaches on “God's Voice”

Net Breaking, Boat Sinking Fish

Dave takes a look at the miraculous catch of fish in luke 4 and asks; what is the impossible thing that lies in front of us? and what is Jesus asking us to do?

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Building on the Rock

Amy helps us to evaluate our routines and systems that help us when hard times come. How will we build a life on the rock?

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Living by what God says

Dami challenges us to build our lives around the mission and purpose spoken by God.

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5 Ways To Meet Jesus In The Bible

Kev helps us with 5 tips that we can use to position ourselves for encounters with Jesus.

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When God Says Go We Go

Lukundo encourages us to take time to seek God and hear his call as to where we should plant ourselves and how we should spend our time.

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Which Way - Kev - Salford

Which Way?

Kev takes a look at the questions we face each day about how to practically follow Jesus.

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Valuing the voice of God - James Bagely

Valuing the Voice of God

James challenges us to make room in our lives for the voice of God.

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You Give Them Something to eat SCS

Give Them Something To Eat!

Richard challenges us to be a community who feeds each other through encouragement and the prophetic.

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Get Fed & Get Going SCS

Get Fed + Get Going

Looking at how Elijah was fed by God, Judith looks at how we are to be sustained and empowered by the Bible and Prophetic Word.

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