Preaches on “Kingdom”

God’s Reign In Our Midst – Richard Anniss

Richard explores what the Kingdom of God and his loving reign looks like in our context and our city.

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Love Your Neighbour

Gary shares his heart for the hurting and broken and offers out a great challenge to love both God and people.

To listen to the full song that Gary plays at the end of the preach, you can find it on YouTube here:
Matthew West – Do Something

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Christ the Coming King - Richard Anniss

Christ the Coming King

Richard finishes the current series looking at Jesus as our King from different perspectives. This part looks at how Jesus is the King who is coming back soon.

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Christ the Ascended King - Richard Anniss

Christ the Ascended King

Richard Continues the current series “Christ the King of Kings”, looking at the significance of the Ascension of Jesus and how it facilitates the pouring out of the Holy Spirit and the coming of Heaven to Earth.

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Christ The Resurrected King

Christ the Resurrected King

Richard unpacks the resurrection of Jesus and the effect that it has on us today.

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Jesus the Confronter

Kev talks about Jesus being the confronter of what ever stands in our way of being close to him. Kev reminds us of our mission, to see God’s rule & reign extended through out all the earth and see the enemy defeated.

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Compelled 16 : Living in Love

Here are some of the sessions with Richard and Judith unpacking what it looks like to live lives compelled by the love of God.

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Christ the Crucified King

In the first of a new series, Richard gives us a fresh look at the Kingship of Jesus Christ.

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