Mark’s Story

An amazing journey from crime and drug addiction to freedom, family and purpose.

It all began when I was around nineteen years of age and had already spent a number of years out on the street getting involved in crime.

At the age of nineteen, I took up smoking weed. I had not smoked before in my life but decided at this point to give it a try, This led to other things and eventually, I became a drug dealer. As a dealer I used to have money, cars and women, and as a man when you have these things on a regular basis, you think you’ve got it made. To have these things and to be seen as one of the boys made me feel accepted and to be seen as one of the boys made me feel accepted and made me feel like I had achieved something in life.

This kind of living got me respect and gave me status within my community or so I thought.

As time went on and new drugs became popular, I began to get involved more and more in crime. With the new drugs that were on the market, I was around various different characters and we would sit down and share whatever drugs we had. At one point, I was smoking ‘Charlie’ (cocaine) and as time went on I tried crack-cocaine.For some reason or the other, I could not get off the drugs and had to have some every day whenever possible. My main intake was weed and I would smoke this at any given opportunity. I would have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and any other time I could fit it in. At one point throughout all of this, I even attempted to become a pimp, getting women to sell their bodies for sex.

One day I met up with a friend of mine, his life had changed because he had experienced God’s love.

He got my attention and I began to read the Bible. I would have my spliff in one hand and the Bible in the other. People would challenge me about this but I would just say “God understands”. After reading the Bible, I realized who God was, but then I just turned around and went back to the girls and the drugs. At the age of twenty-six, God spoke to me – what an amazing thing – and asked me if I wanted to ‘Live or Die’. I chose to live and asked Jesus to come into my Life. That evening I was not sure what had truly happened, but I went to bed and said a little prayer.

The next day I woke up and I no longer felt the craving to smoke the weed and ever since then my habit has been broken.

That was God’s sign to me that he had made me a new creature. God has completely changed my life for the better. Now I could say to you that that better meant that I’ve got a family, well yes I’ve got a family, or career – well yes, God has blessed me in careers; but it’s more than that. It’s about the joy, it’s about the freedom. It’s about the patience he’s given me inside, and that sense of knowing that there’s a purpose to life. He’s given me the opportunity to help others whose lives are similar to mine and see their lives transformed too.


So I’m sharing this message with you today to say that no matter what you’ve done, no matter where you’ve been – he will forgive you and he will set you free just like he did me.

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