Anthony’s Story

Anthony shares his journey from prison cell to freedom and peace.

I started off in earlier days, never really loved myself.

Never really respected myself, because that’s what people told me back then. That I wasn’t worth it, that I was a waste of space. I did believe that and I started taking alcohol and that was the answer for me then.

It opened me up, made me into “Jack the lad” if you want to call it that. I was a gang member for about 2 years. They got rid of me because I was too much of a drunk. You know, I was no good to them. I remember getting arrested and I was sat in a police cell. I remember thinking to myself – ‘what shall I do? What shall I do?’ Something said “Pray Anthony” and I started praying.

I prayed probably most of the night. I felt peace.

I felt peace in that horrible police cell. I thought – ‘It’s God. I just knew for a fact it was God Saying “Anthony, this is your time, this your journey now” and I remember coming home the next morning and I checked on the internet for Christian Churches and that “King’s Church” come up and I thought – “shall I go for it?” and I thought “yeah”.

I didn’t hear no voices. I didn’t hear nothing. I just felt goosebumps and I thought “Wow! Something’s happening”. It’s happening all the time. I get up in the morning and the Holy Spirit’s with me.

I just feel like He’s got his hands around me.

It sounds mad but it’s just unbelievable what God’s doing for me. It puts one foot in front of the other for me. He’s changed quite a lot of things, but not just for me – for my children. My children have said I’ve got a bit more patience and they respect me more, as not a moody dad! I’m clean today and I mean – my life, my children’s life…

It’s not just mine but everyone around me is gonna change.

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