Babz’ Story

Babz talks about his battle with cancer & what he discovered as a result.

In 2009 December 23rd I was diagnosed with a Cancer. Ironically that’s my birthday, it was like ‘What?!’…

…’That kind of thing don’t happen to me, it happens to other people not me’ and it was a shock; I just thought – ‘what’s going on? what do I do?’ you know, ‘Who do I turn to right now? nobody can save me’ I mean, everybody in my life that I thought were important couldn’t save me.

My name is Babz and i’m a Nigerian and i’ve lived in the UK since 2005. I’ve gotten to that point whereby nobody else can save me but the Jesus that my parents talk about. And then I sat down and I picked up the Bible because that’s what I knew. That’s what my parents believed in and I though ‘you know what, let me pick this up for real, let me see if this actually helps me’.

And then I started reading every little bit of what Jesus has done for me and it hit me that the life i’m living here is not my own. I’m actually here for a purpose and it redirected my purpose, it made me understand that amongst everything that happens to you, you can have such a peace within you. When I gave my life to Christ, I mean that peace that comes on you, I was like ‘yes this is it!’, and my heart was already completely changed, because the old things did not mean anything to me any more.

Basically I got to the point whereby the doctors said ‘Babz, chemotherapy’s worked.’ Amaze. I’m thinking ‘Yes, Christ has taken me through this’.

Being aware of what Christ is doing with me in my life and my journey on planet Earth is amazing because Jesus has made me alive. He’s made me not consider the little things, the little things that I used to consider before. It doesn’t matter any more. So it’s easy to forgive, it’s easy to go through anything and just let it go. Because you know what counts at the end of the day – It’s my soul, with my saviour – Christ.

A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the best thing I’ve ever done to myself. I tell people try him out because all you can do is give him an opportunity. He is a gentlemen, he will come and knock on your door and wait for you to open it up. If you want a relationship with Christ just let him in. Ask him and let him in. He will come to you and change your whole life for the best.

It just makes you feel alive. I can’t recommend him enough.

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