Harriet’s Story

Harriet shares how she went from anxiety to freedom.

I’ve always been part of the church, I didn’t really enjoy coming.

Hello, my name’s Harriet and i’ve lived in Manchester all my life with my family. When I first started high school, randomly out of nowhere I started to become very anxious. I couldn’t go to school because I’d have really bad panic attacks.  Every time I tried to I would nearly end up in hospital. I developed a sick phobia from feeling sick so much.  It affected my whole family because I wouldn’t want to leave the house. I saw a pscycologist for 2 years but nothing worked. I’ve always been part of the church, I didn’t really enjoy coming because I thought that if you knew God that something like this couldn’t happen to you and I’d blame him and i’d be really angry all the time.

I was at a big meeting in the summer and there was thousands of people there. There was a guy at the front asking for the rain of God to come. I just put my hands out and I suddenly felt my hands dripping and I was like i’m not that anxious so it can’t just be me having sweaty hands. I just knew in that moment that I was feeling the rain of God like God’s love just rushed through me and something had been lifted off. From that moment i’ve not been the same since.

God’s love just rushed through me

At the end of last year I woke up one morning and I felt really ill. So i put my ipod on and started listening to some music and singing to Jesus and just asking him to take the way I felt away. There was something in me that was just like, ‘why am I not panicking like I usually do?’. Deep down I knew that this was going to be it; that I was going to have to face it. That day I was sick and I just felt this weight just go. Like in an instant it just went. I’m no longer anxious any more. There’s just so much time to think because all I used to think about was myself and how I felt.

Now i’m free!

So after seeing a pscycologist for 2 years and seeing doctors and then trying to give me medication to make me better; actually that wasn’t going to be the answer to the problems, it was going to be Jesus and his love and His love was gonna set me free. That’s what’s happened, so now i’m free!

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