Laura’s Story

Laura shares how she was  transformed by joy and a real God.

“I saw life and I saw that there was an enjoyment to be had and I hadn’t experienced that before.”

I grew up in a Catholic family, so there was never any doubt in my mind that God was real and that Jesus died for me, I was taught that at mass and at school. So I would go on a Sunday and be really involved in the service but not really feel very fulfilled. I felt like I wasn’t really getting anything back, and it wasn’t really until I met a friend of a friend who told me that he was a christian and we spent hours and hours talking and trying to figure out what the difference was between what he believed and what I believed. It wasn’t until he took me to a meeting at King’s Church in Manchester that I really saw the difference for myself.  What I saw in that meeting was… I saw life and I saw that there was an enjoyment to be had and I hadn’t experienced that before.  These people seemed like they actually wanted to be here and they were actually enjoying singing songs to God. They were praying their own prayers, they weren’t being told what to say and when to stand up and sit down and what to do.

“I’d been missing…  a heart connection with God.”

It was like a light going on for me and I realised that what I’d been missing all this time was a heart connection with God.  Although I knew about him in my head, it was my heart that really needed to engage with him. So I did that, I decided that I wanted to live the rest of my life in a relationship with God. Knowing him and having him know me, and it was the best decision i’ve ever made.So I can honestly say that if you’re searching for meaning, if you’re wondering what the purpose for your life is then I can tell you that Jesus is the answer to those questions and I can say that because I’ve experienced his love, I’ve experienced the freedom that he’s given me. I’ve experienced a relationship with Jesus and how fulfilling and satisfying that is and I know that Jesus would love to do the same for you too.

“Jesus would love to do the same for you too.”

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