Have a Great Summer!


Summer is a fantastic opportunity you only get as a Student. I just want to encourage you to not let it go to waste. Use this Time wisely and with purpose.

Through laziness, the rafters sag; because of idle hands, the house leaks.”

Ecclesiates 10:18

You have around 12 weeks left of holiday time! This time could easily be spent sitting watching television, on social media or just generally being a bit lazy. Instead, think of all the great and fantastic things you could do with it. You can use this time to build real strong impactful relationships. With your Christian friends, you can build covenantal relationships like David and Johnathan. You can use these relationships to go out onto the streets to tell people about the gospel. There are loads of charities that need volunteers, and Churches that are changing their city through social action causes where you can change the place you are. There is a harvest out there ready to be reaped and you can use your summer preaching the gospel.

Remember to use this time to rest. Rest is not the same as being lazy, and watching tv for a whole day. Rest doesn’t end in guilt but in Joy. Some restful ideas are: spend time praying, listen to some worship music, read something in the bible or another book you’re not studying. Rest will give you peace and strength and will prepare you for the next year.

Whatever you do this summer do something that will bring glory to god, get your closer to people or will change your town or city. There are so many great things you can do this summer! We would love to hear what you get up to so please message us and update us on what you get up to!

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