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Have a Great Summer!

  Summer is a fantastic opportunity you only get as a Student. I just want to encourage you to not let it go to waste. Use this Time wisely and with purpose. “Through laziness, the rafters sag; because of idle hands, the house leaks.” Ecclesiates 10:18 You have around 12 weeks left of holiday time! This […]

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Natalie’s Story

From many God's to One God; How Natalie came to know the love of Jesus. In my culture we believed in lots of gods, different gods. My name is Natalie, i’m from Malaysia. I grew up from a Buddhist background and in my culture we believed in lots of God’s, different Gods.  So as a [...] Watch Video

Harriet’s Story

Harriet shares how she went from anxiety to freedom. I’ve always been part of the church, I didn’t really enjoy coming. Hello, my name’s Harriet and i’ve lived in Manchester all my life with my family. When I first started high school, randomly out of nowhere I started to become very anxious. I couldn’t go to [...] Watch Video

Josh’s Story

Josh shares his journey from apathy to purpose. I read a lot on different philosophies around the world. I spent part of my life really just focussed on myself. God wasn’t in it at all. It was mainly evolved around alcohol and just silly wasting my time, not really caring about anything. I just really started [...] Watch Video

Jack’s Story

From unhappy and insecure to confident and filled with purpose. Jack shares what Jesus has done in his life. When I was a young teenager, I didn't feel accepted for who I was. The most important thing was what people thought about me; the clothes I wore, the way I looked. I'd often put people [...] Watch Video