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Hearing God

Christianity is not an easy path of life to walk. There trials, challenges, and doubts that we will face on our journey with God that will test our faith in him, and, if passed, will build us up to be fulfilled and committed disciples of Christ. To walk with Christ, we need to accept him […]

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Have a Great Summer!

  Summer is a fantastic opportunity you only get as a Student. I just want to encourage you to not let it go to waste. Use this Time wisely and with purpose. “Through laziness, the rafters sag; because of idle hands, the house leaks.” Ecclesiates 10:18 You have around 12 weeks left of holiday time! This […]

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Don’t Burn Out

Exam period has probably just finished for most students, but as the move into the next semester kicks in it can be quite overwhelming. In the next few months after Christmas it can be hard to keep the momentum up, but striking a balance between work and rest can really help beat the blues.

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