Standing with you for a healthy mind.

TwelveTwo exists to stand alongside those of us affected by mental illness, low moods or who are simply going through difficult times.

We are here to help you when things are tough and create relationships to help you grow, move forward and live life to the full.

Whether you have been part of the church for 3 days or 3 decades; whether you have a diagnosis, have never told anyone how you feel or if you’re supporting someone who is living with mental illness; whether you’re loving a close relationship with God or you’re struggling to see Him working in your life; whatever your age, gender, or role within the church; we are here for you. There’s no pressure and no judgement. We will respect your privacy and confidentiality. We are your family and we love you!

Twelve Two Mental Health Support Coffee Cup

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Demonstrating God’s love
Creating a community of care
Seeing every person as unique
Supporting healing
Ending stigma