King's Church is all about Jesus.

King’s Church is a family of Christians who have one thing in common; we all think Jesus is truly awesome.

We’re blown away by how he has completely changed our lives.

We are a small part of Jesus’ one big church that’s made up of all Christians all around the world. Being part of a worldwide church is an immense privilege. Our job as King’s Church is to work out what that means right here in Manchester and Salford.

This part of the website will help you get to know us better. Make yourself a brew (optional), have a good read and let’s get started on the adventure of a lifetime.

What is church?

Church is so much more exciting than special buildings and services. Church is people; it’s the family of God’s children. He wants us to experience him as the most loving Father in the Universe.

As his sons and daughters, we join the family business of transforming this world to be more and more like heaven: beautiful, perfect and full of love...just as he wants it. This stunning truth is lost to us when we choose to live life our own way outside of a relationship with God.

That’s why Jesus, God’s Son, came to earth as a human being and died for us on a cross. He came to set us free from everything that separates us from God and to empower us to be everything we were meant to be. We’ve committed our lives to living for him and his purpose. As we allow God to transform each of our lives, we are woven together to become a dazzling tapestry, a real-life showcase of the Father’s love and grace to our world.

Each of us in the church has chosen to put our hope and trust in what Jesus has done for us.

Our Values

So, as sons and daughters we simply want to play our part in what our Father is doing.

Along with the rest of God’s church, we join in the adventure of seeing every part of our world reshaped and made whole, just as God wants it to be. In a nutshell, we are a community of “loved lovers, loving others.”


Our journey starts with the love of God. We love God, simply because He loved us first.

When we understand just how much God loves us and when we realise that his love for us can’t be changed, it frees us to live without fear and without limits, to do incredible things.

Here in King’s Church we put a lot of emphasis on understanding what the Bible teaches us about being sons and daughters of God. All of our mission and hard work is actually the result of a close and loving partnership with our Father.

Knowing we don’t have to do anything to earn God’s love and acceptance brings us a wonderful sense of security. It brings an end to continually comparing ourselves to others and worrying that God is out to punish us. God’s love is simply awesome and it’s the source of our identity and everything we do.

God’s love is what the adventure of church is all about.


God’s love for us is unstoppable. This causes us to love him back.

When you love someone passionately, you will do anything for them; that’s the way we want to love God. We love to worship God.

We spend a lot of time as a community worshipping, praying and experiencing God’s love. It’s really powerful when we meet with God together as well as on our own.

Our aim is to help each other build close relationships with God. True worship is when our love for God affects the everyday choices we make.

We want to live every moment as passionate lovers of God, so much so that it becomes our reputation.

Loving Others

A huge part of loving God is loving the people all around.

The way we love each other in the church community is proof that God’s love is changing our lives.

Jesus also sends each and every one of us into the world to show his love and power to people who don’t yet know him. We believe God wants to work with us, his children, to heal the sick and to set people free from all kinds of spiritual oppression.

We get to express the generous nature that He’s put inside us as we give ourselves to others. We want for people to meet God’s supernatural love whenever they meet any one of us.

Whether in a King’s Church meeting, at work or at home, we each become a walking demonstration of God’s love. We are always on a mission to love others on our Father’s behalf.

Making Membership Count

If you’ve committed your life to following Jesus, you’re already a member of the worldwide church.

So, how do you choose to make that membership count in a local community? Being a Christian and a member of the church should change the way we live. Each one of us has a responsibility to Explore what God is saying, Connect with community and Participate in the mission of the church.


We are a community that listens to God and looks where He is taking us and unites around the vision and direction he gives us.

So, how do you choose to pursue, listen and search out?

We are on a continual adventure of finding out what God is saying through the Bible, through our leaders and as he speaks to us individually.

Hints: Read the Bible, listen to the preaching live and online, make time for God and ask him to speak. If you’ve not already done it, check out the ‘Envision’ course.


We are a family made up of genuine relationships and connections.

So, how do you choose to invest your time and energy into people?

Hints: Go beyond Sundays, sign up to Connect, arrange to meet with someone, join a team and pursue community.


We are eager to play our part in the life and mission of the church.

So, how do you choose to involve yourself in what the community does?

There are many things to be a part of: courses, events, training teams and much

more. It’s our own responsibility to be a part of church life, to own what we do, to grow and give ourselves to mission.

Hints: Read the ‘What’s On Guide’, check the website, get in touch, get to an event and ask God what you can do.

What does it look like?

As each one of us is sent out in the love of Jesus, we can expect to see many more people becoming a part of the church. With this in mind, we want to structure ourselves for growth.

We don’t dream of squashing everyone into a bigger and bigger building where it can become all about attending a service; we dream of a church made up of many vibrant and active communities. As one large church we can do amazing things together but having multiple sites means that we can reach more people where they are at. The leadership structure of the church reflects this multi-site vision. A core apostolic team brings vision and direction across the church and local teams of site leaders help us to work this out in each of our communities. There are also leaders who serve across all the sites in certain ministry areas. We long for unity across the wider church and believe that God has called King’s Church to be a blessing, resource and sending base for our whole region and beyond. We are involved with many ministries outside our own church boundaries, resourcing and encouraging King’s Church to reach out with the love of Jesus in every way we can.

So what’s your part to play? How will you become all that God has designed you for? There’s an adventure waiting, the adventure of church, the adventure of reaching Greater Manchester with the love of Jesus. So come on board, it starts today!

Explore further

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