The Vision of King's Church Youth

The Vision for our Youth

Our part in being loved lovers loving others is in helping to shape the youth to know the love of God.

King’s Church Youth is a community where young men and women can come together to encounter and learn about God, have fun and develop friendships in a safe and friendly environment. The teenage years are often difficult and full of change and so we are passionate about helping young people navigate through life by finding their identity in Christ and His salvation enabling them to become mature adults who live to serve others, not out of obligation but out of security in the love of God. If we can produce teenagers who aren’t self-focussed but resonate with His love, we’ll see society transformed by the kingdom of God!


Establishing healthy relationships is an important part of growing up and so King’s Church Youth is a safe place where young people can learn to develop internally and mature emotionally through friendship and discipleship in an open, honest environment without fear of judgement while having tons of fun!

Core Values

Keep it real. We value being open and honest and not putting on a facade.
One Love. We are a family who love and honour everyone.


Young people are full of questions that need answering and so King’s Church Youth is a safe place where teenagers are encouraged to ask questions about life, God and the Bible so that they can receive answers while also learning how to find answers for themselves.

Core Values

The Word. We love the Bible and believe it is the written Word of God to us.
Foundations. It’s important to know why we believe what we believe.


It’s not just enough to know about God, we need to really know Him and so King’s Church Youth is a place where young men and women can experience God for themselves, discovering how to hear and respond to the voice of the Holy Spirit and develop their own individual relationship with Him through worship and reading the Bible.

Core Values

One-to-One. It’s essential for each of us to have our own living relationship with God.
Intimacy. We want God to share His heart for the world with us so that we can be empowered to bring Heaven to Earth.


The Church is the light into a world that is lost in darkness and so King’s Church Youth is a place where young people are challenged and equipped to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with their friends and families and demonstrate the love and power of God that will transform communities.

Core Values

The Gospel. The good news of God’s love and forgiveness through Jesus needs to be shared.
The Gifts. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to us for the benefit of others.